Vineyard sparkle for Air Ambulance

<p>By asking visitors to upgrade their wine tour to enjoy a glass of Camel Valley&rsquo;s sparkling wine, the vineyard raises &pound;1 per person, all of which goes towards funding the air ambulance.</p>
<p>The latest donation of &pound;2k brings Camel Valley&rsquo;s fundraising total over the years to around &pound;9k.</p>
<p>It costs around &pound;600 per hour in fuel costs to keep the air ambulance helicopter flying, which is funded completely by charitable donations from the people of Cornwall and visitors to the county.</p>
<p>Camel Valley owner Bob Lindo said: &ldquo;We fundraise for a number of charities at Camel Valley, but Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust is one that&rsquo;s particularly close to our hearts.&rdquo;</p>
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