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Prince Charles and Commonwealth Heads toast banquet with Camel Valley in Sri Lanka

Wine from Cornish producer Camel Valley was used in the toasts at the recent heads of government Commonwealth summit banquet in Sri Lanka. Founder Bob Lindo was pleased to note that the wine was enjoyed “from silver gilt goblets, each one uniquely engraved with the crest of the appropriate member government at the Commonwealth black tie banquet in Colombo,” he says.

This was widely seen as Prince Charles putting his stamp on the prestigious occasion and it was picked up by news agencies around the world.

The wine, Camel Valley Brut Seyval Blanc 2010, erroneously described as Champagne in the Daily Mail, was enjoyed at the Cinnamon Lakeside hotel in Colombo. The Prince greeted each president or prime minister as they arrived, together with the Duchess of Cornwall, president of the UK Vineyards Association, who was wearing a turquoise chiffon beaded evening gown by Bruce Oldfield and a diamond tiara by the jewellers Boucheron.

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