Landing on his feet: Bob Lindo's Camel Valley wine, Telegraph article

As he says himself, Bob Lindo isn’t very good at watching others work. “We put this in ourselves,” he says as we bump along a narrow Cornish lane. The woodland? “The road,” he clarifies. “Three people and me did it with 44 loads of concrete.”

By the time we swing through the gate of Camel Valley vineyard – all black at this time of year, gnarled sticks planted in rows on the blissfully sunny slopes that rise up from the River Camel – I’m beginning to think that any woman married to Bob, a former RAF pilot, would want to be very careful about what challenges she allowed to cross his path.

Bob and his wife Annie planted the first vines here in 1989 when the phrase “English wine” was still an oxymoron and The Good Life had been on repeats for a decade.

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