GOLD for Camel Valley

Bob Lindo revels in the success of his family-owned vineyards in Cornwall

'I never expected to win the amount of medals for my wine that I did this week. I
was stunned, elated, shocked and did a very British thing and stuck all my
winning badges on to my lapels for the rest of the day.' Bob lindo commented on the rush of Golds that Camel Valley wines won this week at both the Decanter wine awards and the Internation Wine Challenge.

'Winning awards is just a by-product of what we do: I enjoy every single day of
my job. My family has always farmed sheep here in Cornwall, but 20 years ago I
thought about making wine. Working in the countryside rather than an office,
driving tractors and fiddling around with wine presses was an attractive idea,
not to mention the lure of being able to drink good wine every day'

Read Bob's reflections on his award winning sucess at

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