First Person: A Winery Tour in Cornwall

Tom Williams has his palate awakened and his prejudices about English wines shattered on a tour of a Camel Valley vineyard in deepest Cornwall

Tom  travelled to Camel Valley with a little trepidation, to have his opinions challenged and a new found appreciation of wine fostered. Meeting with the wine makers, he had his views of tasting and drinking wine changed.

Sittting on the Terrace with Bob Lindo  Tom was shown how to 'swirl and sniff' the wines. 'For someone who had always glugged rather than savoured wine, it was a revelation that these glasses could give so much up to the senses.'

'I spent the rest of the afternoon tasting the wines of Camel Valley and they were very good indeed, especially the local fizzes, which were sensational. I left the vineyard in awe of the winemakers, excited to taste more wine and with a crate (or two) full of Camel Valley's produce.'

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