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‘Camel Valley Wines is arguably the most successful English producer ever’


The Family Business

Camel Valley Wines is arguably the most successful English producer ever. It's certainly swept the awards board this year, winning the 2014 International Wine Challenge Trophy for its Pinot Noir Rose Brut and scoring double gold medals.

That's in addition to the cupboard full of awards already accumulated by Sam Lindo, including his impressive scoop of Winemaker of the Year three times.

So what have they got that others haven't? “We don't really know,” says the 37-year-old vintner, who shelved a life in the City to work alongside his 65-year-old father, Bob, an ex-RAF pilot who's been making wine in this Cornish valley since 1989. “But we've got a few theories.”

Their vineyards get plenty of sun, which is a key factor. “We also do two things differently from everyone else,” says Sam. “We aren't formally trained and we don't do complicated things with barrels. English wine has a delicate character and keeping it simple is the best way to reflect that.”

Harvest is their favourite time, but they're busy all year. So is there any family friction? “We never fight,” says Sam, “and I get to see Mum and Dad every day.” 

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