Cornish Gem - best practice english vineyard

 A Modern approach to business and a genuine enthusiasm for winemaking puts Camel Valley in good sted to compete in the wine market.

Bob Lindo is every inch the modern English winegrower and maker. He has a flair for marketing and publicity as can be seen from the many column inches of free press coverage he has managed to generate for his Camel Valley vineyard displayed on the high standard display boards in his Visitor Centre and Shop at the vineyard. Bob has been equally successful in gaining broadcast media coverage including many appearances on Food and Drink programmes. Last year 10,000 visitors made the well signposted detour to his vineyard and winery to see for themselves what an English vineyard is like and how wine is made.

Here, at Camel Valley, is a case study of the modern trends in English wine
production; high quality, award winning wines; quality as well as quantity (not
quality rather than quantity); and high added value up-market wines rather than
bottom-end, trying-to-compete with cheap mass-production continental wines. This
is surely the way for English winegrowers/makers to survive, afford investment
in high quality buildings and equipment, make tolerable returns on capital and
make good enough livings to make the vast effort all worth while.

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