Camel Valley 2012 Vintage - The Year With The Silver Lining

2012 has been a year so many farmers and growers want to forget. Late spring frosts, droughts, storms, gales, and floods all wreaked havoc on British agriculture. Vine growers, in particular, expected nothing but a meagre crop of potentially unripe grapes. 

Bob Lindo, from Camel Valley Vineyard in Cornwall, said 'We know that yields throughout the country were down. Bunch and berry sizes were small leading to a reduced extraction rate but allowing less dilution and more concentration of grape flavours. A proportion of growers that we work with, some now very experienced in our challenging climate, were able to keep what they had disease free until the last possible moment, pick selectively as late as November, and follow up with rigorous bunch selection on the sorting table.’

Those growers who persevered were rewarded; most clouds do actually have a silver lining and having tasted tank samples this week the Lindo family can declare that this year is one of them.

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